As part of the Canada 150 Game Jam we have made a small web browser based game to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.

The dam is breaking and you will need to bring in the worlds greatest engineers to fix it, but you will need to catch them first!

Play as Jacques the Beaver trapper who has been tasked to catch as many beavers as he can so that they can help fix the dam and save the town from flooding. The more beavers that you catch the safer the town will be, but be careful out in the wilderness because their is more wandering around than just some crafty beavers.

AuthorD6 Games
Made withUnity
Tagscanada-150, Game Jam


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Great game!

It seems the leaderboards only show local scores (I can't see scores I reached on a different computer, for example). But still fun!

The leaderboards are now global! Thanks for letting me know.